Lake George Title Agency

Lake George Title Agency navigates the lengthy, complex, and not always correctly kept history of titles on land in the Adirondacks, Lake George and the surrounding communities in order to provide businesses and individuals with peace of mind. Maintaining straightforward records, eliminating lack of clarity, and establishing clear title is an integral part of property transactions. Lake George Title Agency is your best resource for knowing the literal lay of the land. Our goal is to be sure that you not only close on your purchase, but to know what you are purchasing. At your closing, the title to your property will have already been explained to you in detail unsurpassed by any other title agency. When confidence in your title matters, Lake George Title Agency is your first choice.

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Real Estate

Commercial and residential property transactions happen every day, but it doesn’t mean that they are simple or without risk. We take each contract seriously, safeguarding positive outcomes with thorough execution of each step. Applying our result based approach, we can assist with commercial and residential closings, lending and mortgage acquisition.

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Land Use

Land use, zoning and planning is a unique area of the law, particularly in the Adirondack region. Layers of regulation including the Adirondack Park Agency, Lake George Park Commission, Department of Health, Department of Environmental Conservation, as well as local town and village zoning and planning laws can create a maze through which a project must proceed.

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