Business and Corporate Law

Beyond the day-to-day responsibilities of running a business, there are myriad issues that arise in the legal realm, between the formation of a business to managing the growth and complexity of contracts and business regulations. Small business is an adventure, and we are prepared to help lead the way. We routinely assist our business clients in their ventures. From purchases to sales of businesses, ownership structuring and corporate planning, we help map the way for your success.

forest in the Adironacks

Land Use

Land use, zoning and planning is a unique area of the law, particularly in the Adirondack region. Layers of regulation including the Adirondack Park Agency, Lake George Park Commission, Department of Health, Department of Environmental Conservation, as well as local town and village zoning and planning laws can create a maze through which a project must proceed.

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Real Estate

Commercial and residential property transactions happen every day, but it doesn’t mean that they are simple or without risk. We take each contract seriously, safeguarding positive outcomes with thorough execution of each step. Applying our result based approach, we can assist with commercial and residential closings, lending and mortgage acquisition.

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